Finally, I Started!

So, you know that feeling you get when the Lord whispers that he wants you to do something, and you ignore it because, of course, you’re too busy!  Well, I am finally heeding HIS call.  Read how He got me to listen and how you can help move me and this project forward.

Our Purpose

MeetaNeed is here to, well, meet needs.  Not just any need mind you, but the needs of the less fortunate.  It serves as a marketplace of needs served by people willing to fill those needs.

Needs Marketplace

Think of the Needs Marketplace as a listing of Needs which can be filled by Givers.  Needs can be items of clothing, rides to the doctor’s office, or services around the house.

Charitable Giving

Here you will find charitable organizations where you can donate money, items, or your time.  You also get to comment and rate these organizations, so other can be informed about your experiences good or bad.

Giving Place

If you don’t have the time to establish a relationship with someone in need, you can donate money, tickets, and other items to MeetaNeed.  We will find the right person to give your donation to based on criteria you select.


Everyone that wants to work should be able to work.  This area will list resumes and job postings.  The postings can be for short-term or part-time work.
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