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I have been conceptualizing MeetaNeed since 2007 shortly after I sold my first business, DotCom Corporation.  I thought at the…...
I have been conceptualizing MeetaNeed since 2007 shortly after I sold my first business, DotCom Corporation.  I thought at the time that I would be moving into a different phase of my life, but life had other plans. So, I conceptualized, but not much more.  Every time in the intervening years that I had guilt pains thinking about MeetaNeed I managed to suppress the pain and continue with my life.

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[su_column size=”2/3″]That is until one day three weeks ago when someone (actually my church) gave me $10 (for just going to church)!  Well, not really.  They gave everyone at church that day $10.  Women, men, children, seniors, rich, and poor all got $10. Why you ask?  So we would take the $10, use our talents and turn the $10 into something more.  For instance, one idea my wife came up with was to purchase some material and sew something she could either sell and give the proceeds to charity, or simply give the item to someone in need.[/su_column]

When it came to me I had quite the dilemma.  You see, I don’t consider myself very talented.  I can’t draw, sing, or play any musical instrument.  I certainly can’t sew.  Oh wait, I can code!  Yes, programming is a talent, and God has blessed me abundantly (enough) with that talent.  Then it hit me.  MeetaNeed needs some programming (and a lot more, read my post here), and I can try to turn my $10 into something more and launch (okay, maybe introduce) MeetaNeed.  At least I can Finally Get Started.

So, here we are, me with my $10 and you having been gracious enough to have read this far.  What I’d like to do is to challenge you to match my $10 with $10 of your own using the Donate button below.  If you can’t afford that much, anything would be appreciated.  If you can’t afford anything, could you simply leave me a few words of encouragement in the comments below?

In mid August I plan to post another blog entry with a list of suggestions from commenters/donators about where to send the money we’ve donated.

God Bless!

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  1. daryl skoog

    Looks like a great idea you got started here. A few thoughts to share. If this is going to be a global blog/website, beyond those that know you, it will probably need to become a 501c(3) registered charity so that people contributing would get the incentive of a tax deduction along with their helping hand. You certainly have a great platform for getting the word out, but what I find is that people will give to causes vs. sending money for yet to be determined causes. They also want some assurance that you have a track record of causes that have already been supported which you certainly can support with pictures and words. Lets talk more at Up and Adam.



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