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MeetaNeed has been a long-time coming, and, as you can see, we aren’t quite there yet.  We intend for this…...

MeetaNeed has been a long-time coming, and, as you can see, we aren’t quite there yet.  We intend for this site to be used by people with Needs as well as people wanting to meet those Needs (let’s call them Givers).  We have some concepts of where we want to take this site and you can read about them on the home page, but we are open to suggestions from you regarding what we might provide and how we might provide it.

We are thinking of providing four main functions to help people in need:

Needs Marketplace – A listing of Needs which can be filled by Givers.  Needs can be items of clothing, rides to the doctor’s office, or services around the house.  We envision needs listed by category which are searchable and include profile information about the person that posted the Need.  The information displayed will be somewhat anonymous, so people should feel comfortable posting their needs.

Charitable Giving – Here you will find charitable organizations where you can donate money, items, or your time.  These organizations will need to be IRS approved charities, and not simply non-profits.  We intend to include contact information, a description of the services they provide, and user ratings of their experiences with these organizations.

Donation Place – If you don’t have the time to establish a relationship with someone in need, you can donate money, tickets, and other items to MeetaNeed.  We will find the right person to give your donation to based on criteria you select.

Jobs – Here you will find resumes and job postings.  The postings can be for short-term or part-time work. This is not intended as a competitor to jobs sites like Monster.com, but rather a place targeting jobs generally paying around the minimum wage.  Of course, we would be happy to see a Giver provide a high paying job to someone that needs one.

Basically, think of the site as a blank canvas and provide your insights and ideas in the comments below.

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